Golden Dawn use vicious dogs and deadly weapons in attacks against immigrants.



Judges investigating Golden Dawn have written in their findings that were submitted to the Ministry of Justice and Parliament that the neo-nazi groups attack squads used vicious dogs  and deadly weapons in their attacks  on immigrants.

The 190 page findings of the State Prosecutor was submitted on Friday and was the basis for their request to remove the parliamentary immunity from Golden Dawns remaining MPs.

In their findings, as reported in the Greek press, Prosecutors allege that their attack squads used knuckledusters, baseball bats, knives, broken bottles, flash grenades and vicious dogs in their attacks.

The findings also contain evidence (sworn witness statements, incriminating documents, videos and photos) regarding illegal weapons found in the homes of Golden Dawn MPs and lists 114 eye witness accounts of violent attacks against immigrants and political opponents as well as other accounts of threatening behaviour.


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